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We create explainer animations and promotional videos that help our clients sell their products and services. Our video production is a complete process from creative design to final execution.

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Why Choose VideoAnimace?


  • We have the best price-performance ratio prices.
  • Over 15 years of experience in creation of short promotional videos. In one minute we can explain and provide an overview to your customers why to choose your product or service.
  • We shoot corporate and promo videos that will introduce your business to your business partners and employees in an attractive form.
  • We’ve created many successful videos that have helped businesses communicate with their customers for years.

A simple guide for creating successful video

Steps for creating a video.

1)  Let us briefly know what is really important to you. What do you want to convey in the video, what is the main information? Also important are the feelings and emotions that the video should evoke.

2) Consider where your video will be presented. Is it more important for you to place it on the web and then use it on social networks, or is the exactly the opposite? We will design the script accordingly so that it reaches the target group in the right way. We will also be happy to propose more solutions or ideas – for example the video’s length.

3) We create the script based on your requirements and our experience. We’ve proven in practice that a perfect video can serve you well for several years… and still attract new and new customers or save time explaining the principle of your services and the benefits of the product.

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How much does animated video and video production cost?

The price of the video depends on the length but especially on the production intensity

How much will it cost to produce a video?

Write us some basic information about your idea in several points, preferably with a demonstration of a similar video and we will send you a preliminary calculation.

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In some cases the client is not aware of the overall production intensity. We’ll be happy to help you design your video to your liking and capabilities.

We respect your budget and suggest the ideal solution. We will clearly break down the individual cost of each item. Making a video is not the cheapest but when it is done perfectly and the strategy thought out, it is well worth it. Our production creates above-average quality at an average price.

Choose a video studio that understands ad campaigns.

The basis of your success is choosing the right partner for your project. Sometimes, even engaging and well-processed video is poorly created in terms of marketing. Do not waste money on something that does not bring you the desired results. The right video should not only immediately attract attention but also convey essential information, call the audience to action, and bring your viewer to the landing page.

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The video must reach the selected audience at the right time at the right place

  • We will happily advise you and propose a solution that fits your needs.
  • If you are considering a longer-term advertisement, please contact us with a inquiry for an ad campaign.
  • The VideoAnimace team has specialists in video advertising and online marketing.
  • We will design a unique solution for you. We will create a product analysis, advertising strategy and create a targeted campaign with a specific media plan.
  • We’ll find out what methods will be most effective for you. Every penny spent will be carefully evaluated. During the campaign, we will evaluate the results and adjust your ad to maximize its effectiveness.

Looking for a partner to create the perfect video? See what our customers have written about us.

Marcela Rytířová

Marketing Manager
Savills CZ

Excellent cooperation, prompt response to any queries and professional approach. Recommendations and suggestions based on experience to help the client achieve the expected final result. Appreciate this cooperation very much..

Antonín Kozan

Jednatel firmy
Alpiro s.r.o.

Spolupráce s Martinem je velká paráda. Dokáže se naladit na správnou frequency potřeb a v dohodnutém čase dodá nejen výsledek. Důležitá pro mě byla skutečnost, že dokáže odkoučovat celý průběh tvorby videa. Což bylo zásadní, protože, narozdíl od něj, magii videoprůmyslu nerozumím. Velký dík a upřímné doporučení je na místě. Díky Martine za kompletní profesionální službu.

Při prohlídce referencí z tvorby animovaných video spotů bylo jasné, že už dál hledat nemusíme. Spolupráce probíhala hladce, a to i přesto že jednání muselo probíhat na dálku. Od odeslání poptávky až po realizaci a dodání hotového videa. Během prací jsme měli k dispozici aktuální scénář, mohli jsme si vybrat dabéra, jehož hlas nám nejvíce vyhovoval.

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