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How Much Does Animated Video Cost?

Once we know the customer’s basic information, we’ll create a budget and send it for approval. We know that the price is important to you but each project is different.

Informative price per video

Explainer animated videos

Delivery time 2-3 weeks – from €1.900


 Promotional Videos

Delivery time 3 weeks – from €2.500


Video Ads

Delivery time 10 days – from €1.500


Price depends on the length and difficulty of the production.
Video ad is usually 15-20 seconds long.
Bumper video is a short, non-skippable advertising video with a length of about 6 seconds. It’s ideal for remarketing campaigns on YouTube and Facebook.

How to know exactly how much your video will cost?

First, we need to know what video you need and for what purpose. Tell us more about your project and we will send you an exact calculation in return.

  1. Send us a link to any video from the internet or from our video production  and we will make a preliminary calculation.
  2.  Write us in a few points, what you want to tell in your video and what’s important to you.
  3. Submit your inquiry form and we will be happy to respond within 24 hours.


Why is the flat rate inaccurate?

Original work that is not mass produced has different production costs. The length of the video matters but mainly the difficulty of executing your request. We know you don’t want mass produced videos from us, just like online applications do because that wouldn’t make the videos differentiate from the others and would not make sense to produce. We can find the right solutions for you based on your fixed budget.


Let’s see how much it costs to shoot video and video animation

Itemized budget:

  • Production (technical preparation of the video script, communication with the client, team coordination, project supervision)… from €250
  • 1 day of shooting (8 hr of shooting, 1 os. cameraman, 1 os. director and camera assistant, equipment)… from €950
  • Drone shooting – drone specialist (4 – 6 h), + assistant and director, transportation)… from €900
  • 1x Animation – Creation of animation depends on difficulty, each animation is differently demanding. (eg 2D animated site map, explanatory animations, text and logo animations, etc.)… from €270
  • Video editing, post-production, animation, color correction, effects…from €260
  • Voiceover (actor – actress, studio, audio engineer)…from €300
  • Music selection, purchase, license, sounds, cut and edit with image … from €130


Our workflow:

1. Pre-production (consultation with the client, theme, screenplay)
2. Production (director, production, cameraman, audio engineer, assistant),
3. Post-production (editing, graphics, animation, voiceover, sound post-production, music, color corrections)


If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us. 😉

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